About Me:

My simple Ideology:

1. Extremism in the defense of anything is a cardinal sin. If you have to burn down a building to make your point, you’ve lost the argument.

2. No cults of personality. Once people start to blindly trust someone because of charisma, or looks, or any other intangible other than his or her ideals, character and platform, the country’s done for.

3. All politicians are crooks. A statesman is a crook who got himself a good press agent.

4. Nobody is flawless. George Washington drank and swore. Thomas Jefferson was hypocritical about slavery. Andrew Jackson had a roiling temper. Flaws are part of the human condition. Look for the ones that affect the job or character.

5. Capitalism is probably the worst economic system ever devised — except for all the others.

6. Speech is free for everyone, but it’s still precious and should not be abused.


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